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Modification Motions

We Can Help When You Need to Make a Change

  • The Bacinett Law Offices can assist you if you've experienced life changes that have had or will have an impact on you and your children. When a parent's income or living situation changes or a child's needs change, the custodial arrangements, parental visitation schedules and child support payments established earlier may not be applicable any longer.
  • Under California law, a parent must have had a “change of circumstance” in order to modify a permanent family court order. Modifications involve a hearing and often an assessment, evaluation or investigation to determine the facts of the case. Our attorneys can help you prepare and file a motion for modification of a child custody, child visitation or child support order.

Child Custody Modification

  • When circumstances change with a child or parent, modifying a court order can allow you to adjust custody arrangements. For example, it may be appropriate to change legal and/or physical custody of a child to or from a shared status. Our Monterey custody modification lawyers can help you assess your child custody situation and explore options for improving it.

Visitation Modification

  • Visitation arrangements are designed to enable the maintenance of relationships between children and both of their parents. California law is designed to assure that a child has “frequent and continuous contact” with both parents, when appropriate. When visitation arrangements need adjustment due to schedules, work situations or other needs, we can help you figure out how to proceed and achieve the best possible results.

Child Support Modification

  • The state of California has guidelines for child support arrangements that are based on the income of each parent and the living and care expenses of each child involved in a case. When a job loss, job change or other event renders current child support payments inappropriate, our attorneys can help you obtain an order or agreement modifying the amount you pay or receive. See for more information on California child support guidelines


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