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Compromise of Arrears (COAP/COA-FR) - Welfare

The State Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) may, under certain circumstances, compromise child support arrearages owed to the government. There are two programs through which a child support obligor may apply for compromise (The application process, criteria and amount of arrears that may be compromised is different for each program.):

  1. “Compromise of Arrearages-Family Reunification” (COA-FR)
  2. “Compromise of Arrears Program” (COAP).

The Bacinett Law Offices has compromised hundreds of thousands of dollars in back child support for our clients. At the same time, assisted parents in receiving large lump-sum payments from old past due child support.

Sometimes time or other circumstances will not allow for an appeal. A party may have a basis to file an emergency writ to the appellate court, requesting immediate relief. The procedures are similar to an appeal, but the court will usually rule on the writ without oral argument.


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