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Business Evaluations

Family owned businesses or partnership interests add a complicated layer to division of financial assets and property in divorce.Their valuation and equitable division require experienced legal counsel.

San Diego County, California, business owner divorce lawyer Stanley J. Bacinett provides knowledgeable and skilled guidance that will help you to achieve your goals for the divorce, while keeping an eye on what is best for the future.To discuss your case, contact us to schedule a consultation. We serve clients in San Diego County and throughout the region.

Division of Business Assets in a California Divorce

Fair and accurate valuation of marital property is a crucial aspect of property division. This is never so true as when considering the value of a business partnership, medical practice, family owned business or any other business. To aid in the valuation process, we routinely work with accountants, business valuation professionals and other experts who help us place accurate values on items such as:

  • Inventory
  • Real estate
  • Business good will
  • Trade secrets
  • Appreciation of property

After determining the value of each party's ownership interest, considered to be community property under California divorce law, the next step is to divide it between the spouses. In many cases, one spouse wishes to continue operating the business, making a lawyer who can think creatively and reach a suitable property settlement of great value. At the Bacinett Law Offices, we work to secure property division arrangements that meet our clients' needs, whether through negotiation, mediation or at trial.


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